Carp Zoom Amur - Grass Carp Pellets
Popular series of Carp Zoom for Grass Carp in the form of pellets. The perfect choice for ..
Carp Zoom Big Carp - Catfish Pellets - 28mm
Pellets designed for catching large carp and catfish that are sinking and easily pierced. ..
Carp Zoom Multifish Pellets
CZ Multifish Pellets are a range of efficient pellets that are available at an affordable ..
Carp Zoom Soft Pellet - 8mm
One of the new developments of Carp Zoom is the Soft Pellets, which feature an ideal textu..
Filstar Flavoured Pellets 70g
Pellets are designed for fishing a hairrig , weaving and fishing with a silicone ring. The..
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